Roll-off container for Dust Collector

This container equipped with blast vent is designed to prevent the receiving container from bursting in the dust collector system in the event of a gas or dust explosion. The vent thus makes it possible to maintain the integrity of the container and avoid projections.

A blast vent is an initially sealed orifice through which the combustion gases from the explosion can escape. It is designed to open when the internal pressure exceeds a critical value, chosen according to the resistance capacity of the protected equipment. The size of this orifice must be such that the excess gas produced by the combustion can be discharged outwards so that the internal over pressure remains below the maximum allowable pressure capacity for the equipment.

The vent also allows to direct the evacuation of this excess pressure in order to protect the workers from possible debris.

This vent has been designed according to NFPA 68 edition 2007 standard.

With Laurin Containers receiving containers, it was decided that the blast vents would be installed on the roof of the containers. The location of the container should therefore be chosen to allow sufficient clearance for the release of the excess pressure without causing potential injury and without damaging surrounding equipment.

Laurin Containers receiving containers are designed for wood dust only.  Certain conditions must also be met to allow the vent to operate properly.

The position and number of connection collars for inlets and outlets shall be in accordance with the specifications required by the design of the dust collector.

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