Renewal is in the air

Founded by Denis Laurin in 1965, the company has forged a reputation over the years for expertise and quality in steel products.

Following their acquisition of Laurin in 2019, Frederic Albert and Frederic Chabanne are taking steps to breathe new life into the company:

  • Concentrating production on the key products for which Laurin is renowned
  • Relying on the expertise of the teams in place, committed professionals who’ve been working at Laurin for several years
  • Optimizing business processes using innovative methods

The goal is to continue offering you premium-quality containers while optimizing production times and customer service.

Proud of its successful development and closely aligned with the needs of its clients, the company is positioning itself as a leader in the field. Its ingenuity in product design and manufacturing and its personalized approach have been the company’s hallmark in the industry.

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Fred Chabanne – Eric Galego – Fred Albert

Our values


  • 1965: Denis Laurin, a graduate of the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal (ÉTS), establishes a company for the repair, welding and manufacture of steel refuse containers for the local market.
  • 1966 -1971: Laurin expands its range of products (4 post canopy for tractors, dump containers for trucks, earth or snow loader buckets and earth milling machines)
  • 1970: Laurin serves Quebec and Ontario
  • 1974: Laurin begins to manufacture roll-off type containers
  • 1979: Laurin serves all of eastern Canada
  • 1980: A major fire destroys 80 % of the facilities
  • 1983: Laurin delivers to its first American clients
  • 1984: Laurin invents the first roll-off container with sloped front to facilitate access to the loading hook and to allow easier dumping of the material.
  • 1986: A second plant is established in Alexandria, Ontario
  • 1990: Laurin serves all of western Canada
  • 1999: Laurin products are distributed throughout the United States
  • 2009: Following the death of Denis Laurin, the company is taken over by his son, Michel Laurin, now Vice President of Operations and Engineering
  • 2013: The semi-buried steel container is invented
  • 2015: The company celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • 2017 : Laurin inc. Winner Dunamis the winner in the category ” MANUFACTURING COMPANY ”, following a finalist between two categories “Innovation & Manufacturing”.
  • 2019: Frederic Albert and Frederic Chabanne acquire the Laurin company. In 2016, they were honoured with a Business Transfer Award for their work with Fibrobec, a Quebec manufacturing company that exports products throughout North America. They remain owners of the company.